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NO.TitlePublish Date
1Ceremony of Construction Base of “Nangang Urban Regeneration Project” at Eastern District Completed 2022-12-12
2Who Says Urban Regeneration Means Demolition and Rebuilding? Taipei City’s “Old Housing Renovation” Exhibition Drawing Competition Will Make You Think Twice About Urban Generation2022-12-12
3Grand Opening - Taiwan’s First Urban Regeneration-Themed Urban Concept Pavilion2022-12-12
4No. 1 in Social Housing Builds, Taipei City Government Provides the Best Rent Subsidies2022-12-12
520,000 Social Housing Units to Be Built in Taipei City - A Step Forward2022-12-12
6TOD and EOD forums successfully conclude; Taipei City Government will strive for net zero by 2050, continue to promote TOD combined with EOD urban development policies2022-08-09
7Inauguration of Taipei Urban Regeneration Center held, becoming the first dedicated housing and urban renewal organization in Taiwan combining social housing projects and public office renewal projects2022-08-09
8Xingshan Social Housing is trialing the housing exchange program to improve living conditions for the elderly.2022-08-09
9Taipei City to incorporate a “suite-type” design in social housing; will revise the Evaluation Principles in the Participation of Publicly Owned Land for Urban Renewal in Taipei City for Social Housing2022-08-09
10In an effort to enhance the ability of buildings constructed during urban renewal in Taipei City to withstand extreme climate and to actively echo the SDG concepts of sustainable development and urban resilience, the Taipei City Government announced revisions of the Regulations Governing Taipei City Urban Renewal Building Capacity Incentives by adding a building roof terraces and façade greening capacity incentive (Building Project Design V) on February 24, 2022, with of a maximum reward of 4% multiplied by base capacity!2022-08-09
11Taipei City Government Succeeds in Negotiating 3 More Property Dismantling Cases!2022-04-08
12“At-Home Year-End Party” - Exchange Meetup for Young Innovators in Housing & Mayor Ko Hopes to Jointly Build a New Community Lifestyle2022-04-08
13Urban Regeneration 2.0 for the Entire Xin-Wei Building, 50-year Old Houses to be Renovated!2022-04-08
14Social Housing is an Important Policy, and Only By Improving Its Financial Mechanisms Can Make Its Operation be Sustainable. 2022-04-08
15The Geoenvironment Sensitivity of the Third Hillside Residential Area, Taipei City Government Emphasized the Safety is the First Priority, the Area shall not be Opened for Urban Renewal2017-12-22
16Notice the Amendment of Urban Renewal F5-1 Rewards for the Renewal Volume of Urban Regeneration Evaluation Criteria, which will Return to Administrative Examination in the Future2017-11-23
17Forum of Urban Building Capacity Transfer at River Reservation Zone and Historic Monument Held by Taipei City Government, Taipei City Government Will Keep Communicating on the Problems of Urban Building Capacity Transfer and Conveying the Suggestions from All Circles to Central Government2017-10-23
18Taipei City Government implemented multi-policies to achieve housing justice, the goal of setting up public housing will remain the same.2017-09-14
19Central Government Convened a Meeting to Discuss Conversion Equation of Urban Building Capacity Transfer2017-08-29
20To implement cultural heritage preservation of Heart Village, conserve Yongchun Slope Wetlands and develop Dazhi Defense Zone, Taipei City Government signed two memorandums of understanding (MOU) with Ministry of National Defense, R.O.C.2017-07-20