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Taipei City Government Succeeds in Negotiating 3 More Property Dismantling Cases!

Article 57 of the Urban Renewal Act specifies that honest negotiations shall be conducted with households that do not agree with dismantling. Since the Act came into effect on January 31, 2019, Taipei City has upheld to that spirit of honest negotiations to promote property dismantling for urban renewal. Three more dismantling cases have been successfully concluded, showing City’s policy of negotiation has borne fruit.
Case 1: Dismantling case at Bei'an Section, Dazhi – The Rights Transfer of the Urban Renewal Project was approved on April 30, 2020. Originally, nine households (ten residents) did not agree with the project. The implementer requested the Taipei City Government to dismantle the property on March 12, 2021. This building had public safety concerns as it was constructed using poorly-processed sea sand, and the condition of the building was poor, with bare steel showing in multiple areas. Households that agreed to dismantling repeatedly expressed their concerns on safety and their desire to return to a safe home. However, due to worries and uncertainty over relocation, some households were reluctant to leave. The City Government made public safety and public interests its first priority, while guaranteeing and answering the interests and requests of owners. The City Government first gained consent from four households then another three. The remaining 2 households also agreed to dismantling, and the implementer withdrew its request for dismantling. Dismantling is underway, and the groundbreaking ceremony is expected to take place after the Lunar New Year.
Case 2: Dismantling case at Xuefu Section, Da’an - The Rights Transfer of Urban Renewal Project was approved on November 19, 2020. Originally, 1 household did not agree with the project. After several attempts at negotiation by the implementer failed, the Taipei City Government was requested to dismantle the property on July 14, 2021. With most residents wanting to proceed with the urban renewal project as fast as possible, the implementer was able to obtain a demolition permit and made sure that residents who agreed had moved out, then proceeded to dismantling, leaving the properties of households who did not give consent and buildings either side. Although those who did not agree with the project did not live in the building, their rights as residents were protected. However, the City Government hoped that once negotiation was successful, the implementer would complete the final dismantling. After multiple attempts of negotiation and explanation to their questions on the rights value, selection and allocation, and compensation for dismantling, an understanding of these who did not agree on the project was obtained, and the entire building was dismantled. The implementer withdrew the request for dismantling and the groundbreaking ceremony took place on December 22, 2021.
Case 3: Dismantling case at Yanshou State Housing, Section J, Songshan - The Rights Transfer of Urban Renewal Project was approved on April 22, 2020. Originally, 5 households did not agree to the project. On June 22, 2021, Taipei City Government was requested to dismantle the property. The building also posed public safety concerns as it was constructed using poorly-processed sea sand. After seeing the rebuild of nearby building State Housing Section I, the Building Management Committee and residents of Section J greatly anticipated the completion of the project. During the negotiation period, the City Government was asked to step in; however the residents who did not agree to the project still had concerns in terms of rights transfers and allocation of property value. In addition to setting up a service office at the site, the implementer also kept in constant communication with these residents, hoping to alleviate their doubts. Due to the fact that over 336 households have not yet begun to move out, the City Government worries that a large number of people moving out from the same place may overwhelm the capacity of nearby rented houses. After multiple discussions with the implementer regarding the moving process, the City Government finally obtained consent from the final 5 households. The implementer withdrew the request for dismantling, and the groundbreaking ceremony will take place in the second half of 2022.
Mayor Ko remarked, “Please do not use the word ‘mandatory,’ as dismantling is not always forced, but the attitude of the Taipei City Government is that urban renewal must be done.” Dismantling is a challenge for the City Government and implementer, as well as the residents. The process requires continuous communication and interaction, but will not stop because of this. The City is focus on speedy examination and dismantling, while striving to fulfill the expectations of those who give consent and respect those who do not, and does its utmost to understand the demands of coordination of both parties based on the principle of impartiality to show our sincerity. The City Government listens to different opinions while remaining determined to push forward with urban renewal. Director Chen Hsin-Liang of the Taipei City Urban Regeneration Office said: “we will work hard and persevere to fulfill the expectations of the majority of people, who support the Project,” and said that they would continue working for the public good and improving people’s living conditions.