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NO.TitlePublish Date
21Taipei City Government Steadily Achieves Housing Justice2017-06-03
22Two Years After, the Achievement of Urban Design Review and Reform has been Seen, the Reform of Urban Renewal, Keep Taking Over2017-05-26
23“The 5th Housing Justice Forum – City Development and Building Bulk Policy” triggered a heated debate over the issue of building capacity system and pay cash over to city government for building bulk, Taipei City Government will keep communicating 2017-04-26
24Taipei City Government’s Goal to the Acquisition of 20,000 Public Housing with Multiple Means within 4 Years is Constant2017-03-14
25The Scholars of the University of Tokyo Visited Department of Urban Development, Taipei City Government and Planned to Apply Building Bulk Bank System in Tokyo2017-02-16
26Advancing Public Housing in Collaboration with Local and Central Governments Establishing the Platform of “Housing Supply Coordination Task Force” 2017-01-20
27Mayor Ko lighted up Monuments Around North Gate on Silent Night2016-12-24
28Taipei City Government Held Open Bid Orientation for Public Housing Turnkey Project and Invited all the Interested Parties2016-11-30
29Members of Parliament, Taichung City Council and delegates visited Taipei Xing-long Public Housing 2016-10-31
30Being in Line with the Globe Taipei x Paris City Forum Trigger a new vision for Taipei2016-09-30
31Invite Bids for Taipei Ming-Lun Public Housing Turnkey Project- Press Conference for The Launch of the Project2016-08-31
32With Impartial, Open and Transparency, Taipei City Government Conducted Public Housing Project, Held Public Hearings and Encouraged Public Participation2016-07-31
33Taipei City Government has revealed the survey result: 75% of Taipei Citizens approve the promotion of public housing.2016-06-30
34English Version of Taipei Historical Map system is official online2016-05-23
35The Department of Urban Development convenes meeting for public housing: smart community’s progress report. 2016-04-26
36NTU Shaoxing S. St. Government-Led Urban Regeneration Project has announced for public exhibiting, launching the government-led urban regeneration prelude officially. 2016-03-15
37The Department of Urban Development will propose a complete urban renewal strategy and matching old building inspection plan.2016-02-26
38Taipei City will start accepting applications for subsidy on elevator addition for old buildings with up to $3 million NTD on February 15, 2016.2016-01-28
39“Living Justice in Progress - 2016 Taipei Public Housing Exhibition” welcomes citizens’ participation2015-12-25
40The drawing of the Xinglong public rental housing district 1 will be held publically on 11/272015-11-23