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Xingshan Social Housing is trialing the housing exchange program to improve living conditions for the elderly.

On March 25, 2022, applications for tenancy of Xingshan social housing in Neihu District, Taipei City opened to the public. The Department of Urban Development reserved a total of 40 residential units, including Evergreen House (79 square meters) and Elderly Residence (85 square meters) as the subjects of the elderly housing exchange program trial. By carrying out this trial, it is hoped that the elderly currently living in old buildings will be willing to give up their old homes and move into new social housing equipped with elevators and managed by a professional property management company, thus providing the elderly with improved living services and a better environment.
In February 2022, seniors accounted for 20.12% of the total population of Taipei City; the city has thus officially become a “super-aged society”. This means the city must plan better care and services for the elderly. According to housing information statistics from the 4th quarter of 2021, approximately 97,000 residential units in Taipei City were occupied solely by the elderly, while 43.5% of residential units under tax registration in Taipei City are 4-5 story apartments without elevators. This causes great inconvenience for elderly residents and highlights the issues concerning those living alone or in old apartments. Based on this notion, the City Government has also considered improving more comprehensive residential services, while also gradually increasing social housing. The elderly housing exchange program has been introduced to provide senior citizens with new living options, to help cope with the arrival of a “super-aged” society.
The Department of Urban Development explained that Article 20 of the Leasing Rules for Social Housing in Taipei City sets forth that the City's construction of social housing is not restricted by the tenant's property, because it provides the elderly with real estate in the City an opportunity to participate in leases. According to the announcement, the applicant and his/her family members may apply to rent Xingshan social housing, provided they own only one legal household in the city, that is over 20 years old, and located on the second floor or above, without an elevator. The original apartment may then be handed over to the “Taipei City Social Housing Leasehold Management Project Phase III”, subject to review by an entrusted rental service provider. After matching, a lease management contract for at least 3 years must be entered into. Also, as a means to improving the living standards of the elderly residents, the rooms put forward for the trial program are equipped with bedroom and toilet handrails, as well as sofas, coffee tables, dining tables, chairs, bed frames (excluding mattresses), bedside tables, and other portable furniture.
The Department of Urban Development said that the housing exchange program is now open to those elderly and caregivers who meet the criteria, from now until September 14, 2022. Applications are accepted online or by mail. To apply online, applicants must visit the City Government’s An-Xing Rental website, fill out the application form and upload the relevant documents, or mail the application form and relevant information to the Central District Office (18F., No. 168, Sec. 3, Nanjing East Road, Zhongshan District, Taipei City). Application forms are available for download on the website or the temporary counter on the 1st floor of the Central District Office.
The Department of Urban Development reminds the public once again that the 24-hour online application platform is available for use. For related information, please call the Department of Urban Development of the Taipei City Government (Tel: 02-27772186 ext. 2518), or visit the Department of Urban Development's website.