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Department of Urban Development


NO.TitlePublish Date
1The Geoenvironment Sensitivity of the Third Hillside Residential Area, Taipei City Government Emphasized the Safety is the First Priority, the Area shall not be Opened for Urban Renewal2017-12-22
2Notice the Amendment of Urban Renewal F5-1 Rewards for the Renewal Volume of Urban Regeneration Evaluation Criteria, which will Return to Administrative Examination in the Future2017-11-23
3Forum of Urban Building Capacity Transfer at River Reservation Zone and Historic Monument Held by Taipei City Government, Taipei City Government Will Keep Communicating on the Problems of Urban Building Capacity Transfer and Conveying the Suggestions from All Circles to Central Government2017-10-23
4Taipei City Government implemented multi-policies to achieve housing justice, the goal of setting up public housing will remain the same.2017-09-14
5Central Government Convened a Meeting to Discuss Conversion Equation of Urban Building Capacity Transfer2017-08-29
6To implement cultural heritage preservation of Heart Village, conserve Yongchun Slope Wetlands and develop Dazhi Defense Zone, Taipei City Government signed two memorandums of understanding (MOU) with Ministry of National Defense, R.O.C.2017-07-20
7Taipei City Government Steadily Achieves Housing Justice2017-06-03
8Two Years After, the Achievement of Urban Design Review and Reform has been Seen, the Reform of Urban Renewal, Keep Taking Over2017-05-26
9“The 5th Housing Justice Forum – City Development and Building Bulk Policy” triggered a heated debate over the issue of building capacity system and pay cash over to city government for building bulk, Taipei City Government will keep communicating 2017-04-26
10Taipei City Government’s Goal to the Acquisition of 20,000 Public Housing with Multiple Means within 4 Years is Constant2017-03-14
11The Scholars of the University of Tokyo Visited Department of Urban Development, Taipei City Government and Planned to Apply Building Bulk Bank System in Tokyo2017-02-16
12Advancing Public Housing in Collaboration with Local and Central Governments Establishing the Platform of “Housing Supply Coordination Task Force” 2017-01-20
13Mayor Ko lighted up Monuments Around North Gate on Silent Night2016-12-24
14Taipei City Government Held Open Bid Orientation for Public Housing Turnkey Project and Invited all the Interested Parties2016-11-30
15Members of Parliament, Taichung City Council and delegates visited Taipei Xing-long Public Housing 2016-10-31
16Being in Line with the Globe Taipei x Paris City Forum Trigger a new vision for Taipei2016-09-30
17Invite Bids for Taipei Ming-Lun Public Housing Turnkey Project- Press Conference for The Launch of the Project2016-08-31
18With Impartial, Open and Transparency, Taipei City Government Conducted Public Housing Project, Held Public Hearings and Encouraged Public Participation2016-07-31
19Taipei City Government has revealed the survey result: 75% of Taipei Citizens approve the promotion of public housing.2016-06-30
20English Version of Taipei Historical Map system is official online2016-05-23