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TOD and EOD forums successfully conclude; Taipei City Government will strive for net zero by 2050, continue to promote TOD combined with EOD urban development policies

The City Government held the “TOD x EOD Promotion Forum - Future Urban Space Deployment in Taipei City” today (the 16th), opened by Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-ji, and moderated by Chairman Pong Cheng-sheng of the TURC and Deputy Secretary Chen Hsin-liang of the Taipei City Government. The forum was attended by the City's urban planning personnel, urban facility committee members, experts, scholars and representatives of many professions, the City Government's agencies, and school representatives and the public. The 2 topics were: Refinement of strategy and outlook on Taipei City’s Transit-Oriented Development (TOD), and co-prosperity of schools and communities in Taipei City’s municipal buildings and land consolidation application (EOD) were widely discussed in the forum.
In his speech, Mayor Ko mentioned that as Taipei City is the core of the capital’s life cycle, its future must be planned from a larger perspective. In the next 30 years, it is inevitable to face and think about the 2050 net zero goal. TOD and EOD strategies that promote the development of the surrounding communities through the renovation of schools, in response to people having fewer children, will be the most important urban planning policy for Taipei City in the next 15 to 20 years. It will also be a large-scale urban planning reconstruction in response to an aging society where there are fewer children, and the combination of urban design and industrial revitalization by combining the MRT network in the living circle.
The first topic in the forum – the project concept and case study of TOD, combined with EOD to achieve net zero – was explained by Commissioner Huang I-ping of the Department of Urban Development; this was followed by Director Chen Hsueh-tai of the Department of Transportation, Director Chang Tse-hsiung of Department of Rapid Transit Systems, and Deputy Director Feng Chao-hsing of Department of Rapid Transit Systems discussing the strategy and outlook for the refinement of the City’s public transportation through aspects of human-oriented transportation development, the MRT network, TOD station development, and surrounding areas. The second topic in the forum – the concept and promotion of the EOD project, and the opportunities for the integration of the reconstruction of the City's old dormitories and social changes within an aging society with fewer children – was explained by the Deputy Chief Education Officer Deng Jin-quan; this was followed by Director Yang Cheng-hsiu of Shuang-Yong Elementary School Preparatory Office, Principal Huang Chih-yung of Chung-Yi Elementary School, and Advisor Hsiao Ling-yu of the Mayor’s office, who spoke about the merging of Yongchun and Yonggi Elementary Schools, the renovation of Chungyi Elementary School, and the EOD community regeneration initiative. The forum was well-received by all participants.
The representatives from industry, government and academia all agreed that the combination of TOD and EOD strategies is a meaningful way to promote urban development. Plans that combine urban development and school renovation will drive the regeneration of surrounding communities, proactively injecting new momentum into Taipei City's urban renewal projects. Lastly, Deputy Mayor Pong Cheng-sheng said that today's TOD and EOD initiatives are just the beginning of a greater plan, and by using these two major planning tools, there will hopefully be changes in the City's urban environment and public services that can drive further progress for the City. The City Government will consolidate valuable experience and advice from all sectors in order to refine the administrative work of all agencies, while committing to long-term and continuous efforts towards a sustainable capital city with zero emissions by 2050.
A live video of the forum is available online at: https://youtu.be/tzOg-Ih5_q0. The City Government will provide a summary of the transcripts of the forum on the website of the Department of Urban Development (http://www.udd.gov.taipei/).