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The Geoenvironment Sensitivity of the Third Hillside Residential Area, Taipei City Government Emphasized the Safety is the First Priority, the Area shall not be Opened for Urban Renewal

    The geoenvironment sensitivity of the third hillside residential area, Taipei City Government emphasized that the safety of the area is the first priority, it shall not be opened for urban renewal.
A public hearing of “Shall we open the third hillside residential area for urban renewal?” was convened on December 11. Department of Urban Development, Taipei City Government emphasized the safety of the area is the first priority and suggested it should not be opened for urban renewal due to it refers to geoenvironment sensitivity and residents’ rights. If a hillside building with safety concern, it shall be rebuilt according to “Regulation of Speeding Up the Reconstruction of Urban Dangerous and Old Buildings”.
    A catastrophe might happen due to the frequent occurrence of extreme weather and the development of man-made hillside community. Taipei City Government held the opinion that we should reduce the development of hillside. Furthermore, dismantling and rebuilding are not the only solutions for urban renewal, renovating and maintaining are alternative measures to strengthen building structure and ensure the safety of living. Rewards for the renewal volume of urban regeneration are granted by public authority, it can be an incentive to encourage the investment of private sectors. It can provide public facilities to improve the environment of old regions, improve living quality, revive city function and introduce the redevelopment of industries. Thus, the items for rewards for the renewal volume of urban regeneration need to be discussed if it provides with public welfare. The property right does not belong to people under the guarantee of constitution law, it shall not be deemed as a proof to rebuild. 
    After councilor signed a petition and proposed a motion, Taipei City Urban Regeneration Office of Department of Urban Development had checked 40 “the third hillside residential areas”, in a range of 20.3 hectares within Taipei City. Take the safety of old residential house and building of current household into account, Central Government had issued “Regulation of speeding up the Reconstruction of Urban Dangerous and Old Buildings”. The rewards for the renewal volume of urban regeneration apply to the hillside old buildings except dangerous buildings, the building under the lowest level after structural safety assessment or the building over 30 years with the seismic capability under the standard level and no beneficial result after refurbishing or no elevator. At the same time, Regulation of Speeding Up the Reconstruction of Urban Dangerous and Old Buildings together with Article 95-3 of Taipei Land Use Zoning Control Self-Government Ordinance, in which the limit of height and floor has been extended. These two amendments had been preliminary announced and arranged for review. This type of hillside building will be rebuilt in the future once it has been approved. On the other hand, to rebuild the old residential houses of Taipei, Taipei City Government had preliminary announced the amendment of Article 10-1 of Taipei Land Use Zoning Control Self-Government Ordinance. In addition to the article, the sites which conform to a certain condition of environmental contribution may be rebuilt with original volume or 20% reward for the renewal volume. The amendment had been submitted to be reviewed in the legislative body.
    It needs to consider a wide range of issues, such as: urban plan, building regulation, environment conservation, water and soil conservation as well as owners’ rights, the opinions from interested parties, scholars and experts, whether the third hillside residential areas should be opened. Hillside land shall be developed deliberately. The hillside buildings shall be built under the safe premise of “hillside field integral exterior environment”, guaranteeing the rights and interests of the old buildings then may be considered.