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Social Housing is an Important Policy, and Only By Improving Its Financial Mechanisms Can Make Its Operation be Sustainable.

Regarding media reports stating that “building social housing will only leave debt and high taxes for following generations” – social housing has always been an important policy for the City Government. On June 9, 2021, the Central Government removed the clause limiting land value tax and housing tax holidays during the construction of social housing to one-time-only benefits was deleted from Article 22 of the Housing Act. According to current regulations, depending on the circumstances, tax holidays may be extended by the Executive Yuan six months before the expiration; however, land value taxes and housing taxes have not been completely eliminated. For careful financial planning and sustainable operation of social housing resources, tax holidays will be extended on a rolling basis in line with the government’s policy, and rent levels will be adjusted every five years.
In accordance with the classification and fee-charging standards set forth in Article 25 of the Housing Act, the City Government also takes into account the varying incomes of rent payers and their ability to pay. The Social Affairs Bureau has created a budget providing social housing rent subsidies ranging from NTD3,000 to NT$11,000, depending on the type of housing, helping families on different incomes to afford social housing, thus implementing housing assistance and putting social welfare into practice.
We thank the civil organizations that have long been focusing on and advocating for housing policies, and the representatives from various sectors who have given their valuable views on the development of social housing. In the near future, the Central Government will establish criteria for how to charge social housing rent and classified fees in accordance with Article 25 of the Housing Act. Moreover, the City Government will consider the principles of the Central Government and the recommendations of other sectors and review the entire social housing system to facilitate the sustainable development and long-term operation of the City’s social housing.