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To reinforce the city's capacity for planning, the Urban Planning and Surveying Team was established. These services were removed from the Public Works Department.

The Urban Planning and Surveying Team was expanded to form the Office of Urban Planning, which incorporated the Division of Urban Renewal with the primary duty of leading the City’s urban renewal efforts.

The Office of Urban Planning was elevated to the status of the Department of Urban Development and was the very first municipality unit in Taiwan dedicated to urban planning.

The Office of Public Housing merged with the Department of Urban Development, thus extending the perspectives of urban planning to incorporate housing policies.

The Division of Urban Regeneration was expanded to form the Urban Regeneration Office, which is a subordinate of the Development of Urban Development.

The Building Administration Office and the Division of Building Management became subsidiaries under the Department of Urban Development.

On February 16th 2012, the Division of Urban Survey and Information Service was changed to Division of Urban Survey. In response to the public housing policy, the Division of Housing Policy and Service, the Division of Financial and Property Management and the Division of Housing Management were reorganized and changed into the Division of Housing Planning and the Division of Housing Service. The Division of Housing Engineering was added and the community empowerment was moved to the Urban Regeneration Office.