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Ceremony of Construction Base of “Nangang Urban Regeneration Project” at Eastern District Completed

A ceremony to bless the construction base of the “Nangang Urban Regeneration Project” jointly developed by the Taipei City Government and Taiwan Railways Administration was held today (2022/11/17). Taipei Mayor Wen-Je Ko, Vice President Jui-Hung Liu of Asset Development Center of Taiwan Railways Administration, Chairman Cheng-Sheng Pong of Taipei Urban Regeneration Center, and fund provider, Chairman Tsang-tsun Chien of Ruentex Development were among the guests attending the ceremony. The project will stand as a very important transportation hub in the eastern district of Taipei. The construction project will combine transportation transfer stations, the international convention center and commercial and residential complexes, becoming Taipei's largest transfer hub, together with the nearby Nangang Bus Station. The construction project is expected to be completed in 2029.

Land for the construction project is owned by Taiwan Railways Administration. With the underground of Nangang railway, this piece of land was leveled for material storage. The city government began to promote projects in the Eastern District Gateway Project as there are many major public projects in the Nangang area, including the development of Nankang Software Park, Nangang Station BOT Building, Taipei Music Center, and the National Biotechnology Research Park. As a means of strengthening the transportation hub, developing industrial clusters, and enhancing the efficiency of public land use, this public urban regeneration project was born with the Taiwan Railways Administration providing the land, the city government being the overall planner, and the Taipei Urban Regeneration Center being the implementer. Designed and built with the funding of Ruentex Development, four buildings (one, 32-story office building and three, 37-story residential buildings) of steel and steel-reinforced concrete structures are expected to be built. A shopping mall will be built on the first and second floors of the building with an international convention center and transit set up to provide exhibition, meeting space, and transportation functions. In addition, a three-dimensional connection system is designed to connect: to the east - Nangang Bus Station to Nangang Train Station and the Taipei Music Center; to the south - Nangang biotechnology industry base; and to the north - Chiao Thai Hsing flour mill and Nankang Software Park, playing a vital role in linking important sites and industrial clusters in the Nangang area.

The Taipei City Urban Regeneration Office further stated that the international convention center and the transit station planned in the project were acquired by the city government through a donation of public welfare facilities of a capacity incentive. As the city government has the right to use the base of this construction project due to the sharing of funds for the underground development of the Nangang railway, the city government can use approximately 3,000 ping (9917 sq m.) for office space for new industries. An area of approximately 3,820 ping (12628 sq m., a capacity of 2,800 people) of the convention center will be integrated to be used for the surrounding related industries and Nangang Exhibition Center for joint development. Moreover, the transit station will have an area of approximately 1,509 ping (4988 sq m.), which can accommodate 23 seats on the platform and 13 seats in the spare parking lot. With great responsibility serving as a transportation transfer hub in the eastern district of Taipei, the site will provide transfer services for people traveling from the eastern district of Taipei to Yilan, Hualien and Taitung after integrating with Nangang Bus Station. The eastern district in Taipei city is expected to have a new urban appearance upon the completion of the construction project. The regeneration of the Nangang area is looking optimistic!