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NO.TitlePublish Date
101Public safety inspection on buildings in Taipei has rated “premium”. Ministry of Interior hosted award ceremony at Taipei City Hall on February 292012-03-27
102City government continues to push the old apartment renewal program which gives the 4-5 floors buildings a second chance and raises governance efficiency while considering owner’s rights. All is for speeding up urban renewal2012-03-01
103Apply ahead on interior decoration to ensure safe living2012-02-13
104End of the year public safety inspection gives a safe Chinese New Year2012-02-02
105From the barrier-free living environment ranking by the Ministry of Interior, Taipei City has rated premium and ranked country’s No.1 for the 4th consecutive times2012-01-18
106"Result Exhibition of Community Work Promotion, Taipei City Government" will be held at Community Empowerment Network, Taipei on December 2nd 2011. All citizens are welcome!2011-12-19
107"Taipei Extraordinary" exhibition wins First Prize of 2011 Taipei Landscape Award2011-12-12
108In October, Mayor Hau announced the Dalongdong affordable housing will be accepting applications for youth residents group.2011-10-19
109「The vision of young, the future of Taipei」 Taipei City’s international strategic regeneration forum has successfully ended.2011-08-19
110International Vision / Future of Nangang “Nangang 2050” Urban Regeneration Forum concluded successfully2010-08-15
111“The Vision of Youth, the Future of Taipei”2010-05-03
112Latest report on “Taipei Beautiful”2009-08-12