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Urban Regeneration 2.0 for the Entire Xin-Wei Building, 50-year Old Houses to be Renovated!

Today (the 26th), the City Government set up an office for the Public Office Urban Regeneration 2.0 plan for the entire Xin-Wei Building. The Taipei City Urban Regeneration Office (TCURO) teamed up with the Taipei Urban Regeneration Center (TURC) to improve communities by actively counseling residents, hoping to increase their willingness for the project to update the old building, the cityscape, and public safety. Located on the southwest side of the intersection of Section 4 of Xinyi Road and Da’an Road in Da’an District, the Xin-Wei Building is one of the City Government’s 22 building renovation projects. Construction of its six floors above ground and single basement level was completed in 1971. After 50 years of development, its living space and public facilities no longer meet the needs of modern life, and the building has aged over the years. Previously, a few private developers evaluated the building for renewal, but since there are 490 apartments in the entire building, with many different property owners and complex property rights, they were unable to reach the threshold for renewal, despite many residents looking forward to the renewal project improving their living conditions and quality of life. After the trial plan for Public Office Urban Regeneration 2.0 was announced in 2020, the City Government initiated the Xin-Wei Renovation Project on March 4, 2021 and conducted a survey on the residents on their willingness concerning the renovation project.
After 8 months of hard work, through the peak of the COVID-19 outbreak, over 60% of residents have shown an interest in the project. In the beginning of November, to help residents better understand their rights and obligations and increase their willingness regarding the re-construction project, TCURO and TURC invited the community organization to conduct a field trip and visit the Phase 3 re-construction project in Datong District’s Siwen Village. At the site, views were exchanged, and volunteers and cadres of the organization had a clearer understanding of what direction to take. Today (the 26th), the City Government set up an office for the Public Office Urban Regeneration 2.0 plan for the entire Xin-Wei Building, and can now provide better consultation services to residents.
Taipei Deputy Mayor Huang Shan-Shan attended the opening of the office and said that the key to successful urban regeneration is the willingness of residents. The City Government will provide assistance promoting urban renewal at the Xin-Wei Building, and hopes residents will be receptive to the plan and work together towards better living conditions. Through resources such as legal consultation, the City Government intends to guide residents to reach a 90% consensus on their own. When the community is ready for urban renewal, the City Government will then take over the responsibility for the project. By adhering to this principle, the residents and City Government can jointly create a better and friendlier living environment.