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Department of Urban Development


NO.TitlePublish Date
41Taipei City Housing Policy Has Been Promoted Successfully, Public Housing Units Continuously to Increase2014-09-01
42Taipei City becomes the first city in the country to improve the handicapped facilities by subsidizing existing housing2014-08-05
43Mayor Hau Lung-Bin receives the FIABCI Prix d’Excellence Awards for the second time2014-07-21
44Disadvantaged Families have found the right match through Government-controlled Rent and Management plan for Empty Residential Houses2014-06-26
45Venice Architecture Biennale: Take the first peek at URS 127 Art Factory2014-06-11
46Enrollment for the 2014 Urban Regeneration Street Image Recording Training Course Begins2014-05-27
47A comprehensive view of Taipei’s topography transformation – the Detailed Terrain Model is officially online2014-04-30
48Discovering the beauty of alleyways: Dadaocheng opens up its workshop in the alleyways2014-04-16
49Diverse urban regeneration results in new opportunity to renovate and maintain old buildings2014-03-25
50“NEXT PLAY – HuaShan Green Factory” invites you to attend URS 27 Station at HuaShan Grand Green to re-imagine a greener city landscape starting today until 4/17/20142014-03-03
51Taipei City Government’s pioneering plan - Government-controlled Rent and Management Plan, creates a smooth symbiosis between landlords and tenants2014-02-14
52URS44 Dadaocheng Story Workshop organized the "Old City Rooftops; Green Vegetable Garden" exhibition which will open on December 16th. The agency invites residents to experience City’s agriculture and strengthen their awareness on our environment2014-01-23
53Taipei City Government proposed to renew programs of action and to comprehensively start 48 innovative services2013-12-31
54Supporting International Exchanges for Domestic Youths- Department of Urban Development at the Taipei City Government Creates a New Platform2013-12-09
55Deputy Mayor Blum from Marseille, France was Invited by Deputy Mayor Chang of Taipei City Government to Exchange on the Topics of Urban Governance and Urban Regeneration2013-11-20
56The seminars of “When the railway crosses Taipei City” and “Marathon of Xinmen Stories” invite you to experience old Taipei2013-10-29
57Taipei Urban Redevelopment Center is now a year old! It will provide the public with a better urban renewal instruction2013-10-15
58Taipei’s URS stepped up to the international stage; the curator of Internationale Bauausstellung (IBA) Hamburg, Germany praised that URS is Taiwan’s own IBA!2013-09-30
59New milestone in Taipei’s Urban Design: Taipei Urban Design Center opens2013-09-11
60Taipei City has been invited to 2013 Internationale Bauausstellung Hamburg, Germany to present the topic “From Urban Regeneration Station to Urban Regeneration Village”2013-08-26