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“The 5th Housing Justice Forum – City Development and Building Bulk Policy” triggered a heated debate over the issue of building capacity system and pay cash over to city government for building bulk, Taipei City Government will keep communicating

Today (April 26), Taipei City Government held “The 5th Housing Justice Forum – City Development and Building Bulk Policy” at the first floor, Noble House in Regent Taipei with more than 200 representatives from industry, government, academy, city councilor, interest party, the owner of city development reserve land for public facilities and citizen. Taipei City Mayor, Ko Wen-je attended the forum in person and listened to the opinions the whole section. Two discussion sections were introduced and hosted by Direct General, Lin Jou-min of Department of Urban Development. Direct General Lin indicated that the interests of “three parties”, which are owner, developer and the other 2-million silent citizens, should be concerned in related policy discussion.
For the issue number 1 – urban development and the quality of environment, Direct General Lin emphasized that the target for the old house rebuild plan of Taipei City Government and the “Ordinance for Speeding Up to the Rebuild of Hazard and Old Building”, which were approved on the third reading in Legislative Yuan yesterday, is different. Both of those have no conflict but complementary. To speed up rebuilding, Taipei City Government will continue getting the plan moving and hope city councilors to support the revision of regulations. Moreover, as for the dispute on building bulk development in Living Mall area, Living Mall representative reiterated that the floor area ratio for Living Mall in business area is 560%. Meanwhile, city councilor, Huang Hsan-hsan, emphasized the recognition of floor area ratio is subject to law issue, it should be solved with legal feasibility. Moreover, the land owners of West-north wing of Living Mall handed over a petition on-site and urged Taipei City Government to remove the restriction on entire development. In the case, small land owners can rebuild their land earlier. As for the highly controlled and landscape environment protected areas, such as Zhishanyan and Chiang Kei-shih Memorial Hall, participants suggested Taipei City Government hold the point of view of urban view of whole city, be more flexible for highly controlled areas in coordinate with other control measures. Direct General Lin expressed the current public display program is only a preliminary conception of Taipei City Government. With the opinions collected from the forum, Taipei City Government will adjust the context of these plans and enhance the communication between local citizens as city councilor Wang, Wei-chung emphasis.
For the issue number 2 - urban building capacity transfer and pay cash over to city government for building bulk system. Direct General Lin emphasized building bulk may increase and it should attribute to the contribution and effort of entire citizens. Thus, the building bulk should belong to public and the profit should be shared with citizens. In the discussion, participants focused on the questions of the direction of urban building capacity transfer, the use of paying cash over to city government for building bulk and the protection of land owner’s right. Besides, the owners of reserve land for public facilities appealed that their rights were damaged, due to government did not collect the land for a long time at the forum. For related issue, the participants proposed professional opinions and policy suggestions, Taipei City Government was requested to evaluate deliberatively, consider carefully and also discuss publicly. Direct General Lin expressed Department of Urban Development has a plan for the cash. The cash will have the top priority to be used in reserve land for public facilities which is long-term possessed and unable to bring into donated land urban building capacity transfer. Taipei City Government has stipulated “Autonomous Regulation of Revenue and Expenditure Management and Use for Pay Cash Over to Taipei City Government for Building Bulk”, which is under second reading in parliament. The Government will actively communicate with city councilors and interest parties. Under the premise of fair, reasonable and efficient, pay cash over to city government for building bulk can be used in obtaining private own reserve land for public facilities and developing public land.
Taipei City Mayor emphasized that facing the problem is the first step to solve the problem. How to balance personal interest and public benefit, Taipei City Government should make a final decision. Even though the decision is not satisfied but feasible, the City can move on. For the related main issues in this forum, such as Living Mall, Chiang Kei-shih Memorial Hall, Zhishanyan, Mayor Ko expressed he will bring the issues back to regulations and urban planning for professional discussion. Besides, for the problems of urban building capacity transfer and the right protection for the owner of reserve land for public facilities, Mayor Ko indicated Taipei City Government should decide whether cultural heritage preservation or urban building capacity transfer is the priority, and concern the right of the owner of reserve land for public facilities at the same time. Taipei City Government will keep looking for solutions. Department of Urban Development will compile the opinions from the forum in succession, make a genuine record and upload to the website next week. Please refer to the related information on Department of Urban Development: http://www.udd.gov.taipei/ (Chinese).