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Being in Line with the Globe Taipei x Paris City Forum Trigger a new vision for Taipei

Being in line with the globe is the key to the advancement of a city. Through the cooperation with La France à Taiwan, Taipei City Government held Taipei x Paris City Forum with the theme of “Imagine the Future Development of a City”. Experts of urban development, culture and innovation from France have been invited to share their experiences in sustainable urban planning, house, museum management, web promotion, space activation, green energy and new innovation industry. The forum successfully plots the future blue print of Taipei.
Deputy Mayor, Charles Lin, mentioned the development of a city should bear innovative idea and macro vision during the Q&A section in the forum. Paris France, Tokyo Japan, London England and Amsterdam the Netherland, these capital cities have proposed a long-term development plan. Taipei is quite similar to Paris in urban development, culture and industry development. Taipei will learn from Paris, this benchmark city, and toward the goal of a livable and sustainable city.
At the closing ceremony, Mayor Ko, Wen-je indicated that Taipei faces a lot of restrictions and difficulties currently. With the thought of larger scale and greater Taipei area, through the proposed “Taipei 2050 Prospect”, Taipei City Government made a long-term development for the city. The practical tactics are to take public urban renewal and public building as two major projects to activate the city, unite industrial innovation and culture, integrate city government agents, response to the questions of city development. With the abovementioned measures, city government hopes to reach a common consensus with citizens, societies, markets and communities and to guide Taipei a low carbon emission, creativity and smart livable city.
Mayor Ko further illustrated that this is the first time to communicate with French delegates from urban development, culture and industry. The activity came to a great success with the practical suggestions and opinions provided by Professor Monica Kuo, Member of Committee Ben Jai and Professor Lin, Chi-ming. Taipei city government is looking forward to the further communication and cooperation with Paris city government. The forum will offer video online and open to public at Department of Urban Development: http://www.udd.gov.taipei/. Please consult Comprehensive Planning Division if you have further questions (02-2720-8889 extension 8254、8255).