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Mayor Ko lighted up Monuments Around North Gate on Silent Night

During Chinese New Year, Taipei City Government conducted Demolition Work of Approach Viaduct to Zhongxiao Bridge and Surrounding Road Improvement to reappear the prosperity of North Gate. Today, on December 24, the silent night, Taipei City Mayor grants a Christmas gift to Taipei citizens at the intersection of Zhongxiao West Road and Yenping North Road to light up the neighborhood of North Gate and to witness the change of Taipei City.
It has been a main focus to reappear the national historic monument, the North Gate, to citizens. Except for the reconstruction and rearrangement of the surrounding landscapes as well as the demolition of unlawful building and advertising signs, the light environment after dark was also concerned. In order to present different façades, Taipei City Government invited Originator Lighting Design Consultant, led by International light master, Lien Chou, as general light consultant to propose an entire light environment criterion for west district. In the future, Taipei will have a different night view along Zhongxiao East Road, to Zhongsan South Road on the East, to Huanhe North Road on the West, to the surrounding historic monuments of North Gate. Taipei City Government and its agents collaborated with National Taiwan Museum, a subordinate unit of Ministry of Culture, Chunghwa Post Co., Ltd. and its Taipei Post Office, National Chiao Tung University to make Taipei a better city.
Deputy Mayor, Charles Lin indicated the redevelopment project of the area to the west of Taipei Main Station is a human-environment centered landscape design, not only day view but also night view gives citizens a glorious feeling. After announcing the reconstruction of Chiao-liu plaza, the surrounding area of North Gate was proceeding to change. The urban landscape and light environment will remodel the historic monuments around North Gate. In order to present urban aesthetics, which is derived from history and aesthetics, the area will connect with North Gate Post Office, Railway Department and the follow-up reconstruction of Yenping South Road pedestrian environment.
The objective of the light environment is to center North Gate, Railway Museum and North Gate Post Office without influencing the identity of the historic monuments through the control of light to display the beauty of night. In the future, Taipei City Government will keep reviewing light environment along with Zhongxiao West Road and the ambient business environment to present an internationalized light environment. The door of a country, Taipei, is not only a transfer city but a place to display the development of a city. Taipei City Government hope Taipei city can present a lovely and advanced image to visitors in the future.