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Department of Urban Development


Invite Bids for Taipei Ming-Lun Public Housing Turnkey Project- Press Conference for The Launch of the Project

“Da-tong District Ming-lun Public Housing” is the benchmarking house policy of Taipei City Government. The area of the site, which used to be Ming-lun Elementary School, is 8,639 square meters. The school had gone through the process of abolishment and urban renewal. The Department of Urban Development drew up to build public housing in response to low birth rate. The construction project is open to public on August 30, 2016. Deputy Mayor, Charles Lin, Chief of Bao-an Village, Chang, Fu-mei and delegates from Unified Bidding Center, Taipei Smart City Project Management Office (PMO) and National Energy Program-Phase II (NEP II) co-organized the press conference. The architect, Kuo, Yin-dao, from PMO made a drew up plan and schedule report.
The construction includes 2 stories underground and 11 stories aboveground. It can provide 380 households. The houses include 1 bedroom unit (33-40 square meters), 2-bedroom unit (53-60 square meters) and 3-bedroom unit (73-83 square meters). The contract amount is approximately NT 1.65 billion dollars.
The Department of Urban Development planned sustainable, smart, economical, seismic and barrier free high quality housing. Smart electric grid and smart 3 meters (water meter, electricity meter and gas meter) which should obtain Smart Building Silver Mark, Green Building Silver Mark, Barrier Free Building Mark and Seismic Design Mark will be fitted in. In consideration for the existent lines and ecology, the construction innovates school buildings, enclosing walls, old trees and builds healthy runway at open space to create school image. Urban agriculture and public open space are planned on the roof top to encourage farming and the chance of social for residents. Ming-lun public housing will integrate with Ming-lun Creativity Learning Center, Youth Creativity Center and Small-scale Sheltered Workshop and will set up kindergarten, public babysitter and baby-sitting service on the lower floors. Mayor Ko pledged the goals of the project which include, 1. to supply adequate housing; 2. to carry out urban aesthetics; 3. to become an experimental field for smart city industry; 4. to create new residential area management model, have been completely achieved. The project introduces turnkey for the bid and emphasizes industry innovative management model. Taipei City Government welcomes builder, architect and IC Industry to integrate each other and advance Taipei public housing smart community.
Deputy Mayor Lin indicated that Taipei City Government planned to build 20,000 public houses in four year and have pledged to build a certain percentage of smart public housing through the application of smart technology to provide residents a safe, healthy and comfortable living environment and the most updated and comprehensive care services. Due to climate change and resource shortage, it is an urgent demand to introduce related industrial technology about smart strategy and sustainable environmental protection. Taipei City Government provides field and welcomes domestic and international ICT industries to participate. Furthermore, Taipei City Government actively led urban renewal project for Lanzhou-Siwen Village. In order to relocate residents, Ming-lun public houses will be taken as interim housing units for urban renewal project, which is a benchmark policies of Taipei City Government for urban renewal and public housing.
Department of Urban Development conducts public housing construction, keeps pursuing “high quality, high standard” to provide premium rental housing environment and shows a brand new public housing image. The project will open to public on August 30, 2016 and will open the bid in September online. Look forward to your submission.