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Department of Urban Development


English Version of Taipei Historical Map system is official online

In response of globalization, create an international friendly environment, and improve the convenience for foreigners to access the Taipei Historical Maps, The Department of Urban Development has created an English Version of the Taipei Historical Map system (http://www.historygis.udd.taipei.gov.tw). To make the using more convenient for foreigners, the system has done translation for the 1/1000 scale map to create an English version and search functions. It provides English menus and simple location search services to help foreigners learn about Taipei City and make traveling easier.
Moreover, by comparing the Mandarin and English maps, the user can easily find out the place’s corresponding Mandarin name when they visit places with mostly Mandarin signs. The English map search function also provides orthophoto map overlaying vector map function which let foreigners recognize surrounding environment easier. The English version map is officially online now. Please let us know if you have any comments on using the service or if any information need to be updated.