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Department of Urban Development


Members of Parliament, Taichung City Council and delegates visited Taipei Xing-long Public Housing

Exchange Experiences in the Management and Planning of Public Housing
Members of Urban Development Hydraulic Engineering Committee, Taichung City Council together with delegates from Department of Urban Development, Department of Hydraulic Engineering and Department of Construction visited Xing-long Public Housing in Wen-san District today on October 27. Deputy Director General Chang represented Taipei City Government and detailed housing policy, general residential and smart housing of Taipei City Government; furthermore, he led a guide tour on the site and illustrated the quality of construction, management and facilities of Xing-long Public Housing. The visitors thoroughly raised and discussed the issues, such as: the cost of construction, qualification of residents and smart house facilities. They recognized the effort that Taipei City Government plans to establish “Taipei Public Housing Company”. Both cities benefited from the sharing and exchange of experiences through the communication.
  The Department of Urban Development indicated that Xing-long Public Housing is the first step for Taipei City Government to actively carry out public housing construction. All the conveniences are completed; in the meantime, a property management agent is entrusted to provide services of life management, environmental conservation, maintenance service and community security. Urban agriculture is built on roof top, which is the first example to integrate the space of public housing and agriculture. At the same time, it is a zero-phase experimental field of smart electric grid with the cooperation of Taipei City Government, Ministry of Science and Technology, R.O.C and Taiwan Power Company. It has been interviewed and visited by 40 groups from industry, government, academy, observation and media since January when the residents moved in.
  Furthermore, the Department of Urban Development indicated Xing-long Public Housing is the benchmark of Taipei public housing and also a model for further construction. The Department will keep amending and refining services, advancing excellent management. The experience will be taken as a reference for the management of future public housing to provide premium living environment and to satisfy the living demand of Taipei citizens.