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Department of Urban Development


Taipei City Government Held Open Bid Orientation for Public Housing Turnkey Project and Invited all the Interested Parties

Taipei City Government held the open bid orientation for public housing at 11am on Wednesday November 9, 2016. Architects, builders, ICT industries and delegates from related industries were invited. The open bits of Turnkey Projects for Tatong District Ming-lun public housing and Beitou District Chiyen public housing have been launched on the Internet with a total of NT$2.8 billion. The details and schedule were illustrated in the orientation to the attendees. All the interested parties are welcomed to enter the bids. Further, the Department of Urban Development will contract the other public housing in succession by the end of the year with a total of NT$12 billion. Currently, the following bids are available online:
1. “Tatong District Ming-lun Public Housing Smart Community Turnkey Project”
The project has been announced on the Internet on September 30, 2016 (The deadline for the bid is on November 15). The construction includes 2 stories underground and 11 stories aboveground. It can provide 380 public houses. The houses include 1 bedroom unit (33-40 square meters), 2-bedroom unit (53-60 square meters) and 3-bedroom unit (73-83 square meters). The contract amount is approximately NT$1.7 billion.
2. Beitou District Chiyen Public Housing Turnkey Project:
The project has been announced on the Internet today. The construction includes 3 stories underground and 10 stories aboveground. It can provide 288 public houses. The houses include 1 bedroom unit (33-40 square meters), 2-bedroom unit (53-60 square meters) and 3-bedroom unit (73-83 square meters) and he contract amount is approximately NT$1.1 billion.
Deputy Mayor Lin indicated that Taipei City Government has pledged to build 6 examples of public housing smart communities through the application of smart technology to provide residents an economical, safe, healthy, comfortable and convenient living environment along with the most updated and comprehensive care services. “Ming-lun Public Housing Smart Community” is the second example of smart community after the construction of Tong-ming Public Housing. Taipei City Government will continue integrating the aesthetics of architecture, public art, smart green building and related ICT technology to create a new era for smart public housing and carry out a high quality of living environment. Moreover, Mayor has indicated the idea of public housing, including Chiyen public housing, which will be facilitated with smart technology and upgraded to smart community in the future, in response to the climate change, resource depletion and aging society.
This orientation collected the opinions of experts from related industries and communicated with them face-to-face. Taipei City Government welcomes the submission of all interested parties.