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End of the year public safety inspection gives a safe Chinese New Year

Press Release Agency: Department of Building Affairs, Taipei City
Press Release Date: 2012/1/2
Contact Person: Chief Secretary Gao, Wenting
Contact Number: 1999#8351, 0936-772-225
End of the year public safety inspection gives a safe Chinese New Year
In order to ensure public safety for consumers, Taipei City Government have had consumer protection officers, fire department, and Department of Building Affairs work together and form an inspection team right before Chinese New Year. Starting from the 2nd of this January, the team will be reinforcing public safety inspection in all major commercial sites, especially in those large-scale department stores and restaurants. If proven violations are found in the inspected sites, they will be violating building law No.91 and fined from $60,000 TWD up to $120,000 TWD. Those failed to pass the second inspection again could have their water and power cut off as punishment.
Minister of Department of Urban Development Ding Yuqun states that in order to fulfill consumer need created by the upcoming Chinese New Year vacation, department stores and restaurants that host year-end banquet could stock up enormously, thus the evacuation route might get blocked. Large-scale commercial sites are able to gather a large amount of people within a short amount of time, which could bring catastrophe when accident happens. Therefore if business place fails the mobile inspection regarding public safety issue, not only an unsafe notice will be posted, the business will also require to pay a $60,000 to $120,000 fine. They are required to make improvements to meet the regulation requirements as soon as possible in order to provide citizens a safe commercial environment during the Chinese New Year.
The Chief of Department of Building Affairs, Wang Rongjin emphasizes that the focus of the inspection is not to punish those businesses, but to find the defects ahead through the inspection. It is also a reminder to the businesses regarding public building safety management. Unobstructed access to safety gate, safety ladder, and evacuation route is especially important. It is not allowed to stacking objects or placing stands inside the smoke extractor room and underneath the automatic fire-proof door. These activities are to ensure citizens to have a safe environment and a safe Chinese New Year. It is welcome to report any discovered violation to Department of Building Affairs at any time. Service Line: 1999#8387 (for regions outside of Taipei please call 02-27208889).