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In October, Mayor Hau announced the Dalongdong affordable housing will be accepting applications for youth residents group.

On September 27th during a press conference, Mayor Hau announced that the first demonstrative public housing – Dalongdong public housing, will be officially accepted applications for public rental on October. Dalongdong public housing is the first demonstrative public housing built by Taipei city government. The building is 14 stories high with 3 floors beneath ground totaling 115 units (including 80 units of triple rooms type, 30 units of studio type and 5 units of rental shops). The concept of this public housing originated with “green architecture” along with share design idea and eventually present a quality housing.
Urban development department indicated that Dalongdong provides 110 units of public rental housing, of which 20% will be offered to the youth of neighboring Datong District. After verifying the qualifications of each applicant, the housing will be publicly balloted and distributed. The rental contract will be for three years, after which qualified households will have priority to extend the contract twice for one year each, which means a maximum of 5 years of residency. The qualifications are as following : 1) between 20~40 years of age. 2) Taipei’s residency for more than 1 year. 3) Triple rooms type need to have minimum of 3 people; if during the application, the renter’s partner is pregnant and with prove of pregnancy will count as third person. 4) None of the family members own a house. 5) 100 years of income falls bellow the 50% average (1.58 million NTD). 6) Triple rooms applicant is married or has children. 7) 20% neighboring Datong District units are only for the youth has resided in the Datong district for more than 1 year. Anyone meets the above conditions are welcomed to apply.
Dalongdong public housing (No.212, Sec. 3, Chengde Rd., Datong Dist., Taipei City 103) is closed by the Lan-Zhou Junior high school, Taipei School for the Hearing Impaired, Dalong Elementary School and Tatung University, and the housing is also near the leisure places such as the Flora Expo Base, Jhih Sheng Park, BaoAn Temple and Art Museum. Such convenience provides quality and good function for ease of living. Transportation wise, the high way No.1, connects the zone to the outer area, the MRT Yuanshan station, and the excessive bus routes provides the resident a convenient transportation service.
Finally the Urban development department announced that since the acceptance of accplication, all intenders are able to get on the websites (http://www.udd.taipei.gov.tw/ and http:// housing.taipei.gov.tw/ ) to get more information and download the application form, or get the application form from the department of urban development Taipei city government or district offices then send the application form back to Nanmen office at 10F., No.8, Sec. 1, Roosevelt Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City 100, the deadline will accord to postmark.