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Apply ahead on interior decoration to ensure safe living

Press Release Agency: Department of Building Affairs, Taipei City
Press Release Date: 2012/1/18
Contact Person: Chief Secretary Gao, Wenting
Contact Number: 27258351, 0936-772-225
Apply ahead on interior decoration to ensure safe living.
Interior decoration has been most people’s choice when it comes to improving quality of living. However, people often ignore the legal and safety issue when doing so. People not only hire the unqualified interior design workers, but also start the construction without any application. Flammable material was used and building’s main structure was damaged while these unqualified workers hide these facts during construction. In order to maintain public safety, Department of Building Affairs, Taipei City has been giving out fines to interior decoration businesses with priority on those interior decorating construction without approval since April of last year. Citizens and those businesses please do not challenge the law.
According to building law, when “buildings for public usage” (including residential buildings with more than 6 levels) and the Ministry of Interior specified “buildings not for public usage” is under interior decorating construction, a “interior decorating construction approval” needs to be applied before construction and a “interior decorating construction qualification” needs to be applied after completion. The Chief of Department of Building Affairs, Wang Rongjin states that in order to enhance management on interior decorating constructions and public building safety, building owner, resident, or interior design business could be fined from $60,000 to $300,000 TWD if constructions without approval or done and designed by unqualified interior design businesses were found. In order to regulate professional workers take responsibility of their profession, interior design business will be fined first on the violation cases. At the same time, it is a notification for the interior business to inform all related policy and regulation to residents when accepting cases, as they should not try to induce residents into having unregulated constructions. For those businesses without proper business certification, they should not try their luck and do constructions. They will be penalized under building law if evidence of interior decorating construction were found. Citizens should report to Department of Building Affair, Taipei City if they find any kinds of illegal interior construction actions. Service Line: 02-27258387 (work time) or the 1999 city hall hot line.
Chief Wang Rongjin states further that in order to enhance citizen’s concept of the rule of law, Department of Building Affair co-hosts “interior decorating construction policy awareness seminar” with all related organizations each year. Please go on Department of Building Affair’s website at http://www.dba.tcg.gov.tw/ (chinese) for more information.