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City government continues to push the old apartment renewal program which gives the 4-5 floors buildings a second chance and raises governance efficiency while considering owner’s rights. All is for speeding up urban renewal

Press Release Date: 2012/2/1
Contact Person: Urban Redevelopment Office Project Section
Contact Number: 02-2321-5696
Responding to the media on “How many cases have passed on one for one ping policy?” and “City government should speed up on assistance and promotion”, Taipei City Government indicates that ever since they started accepting cases in August 2nd 2010, three project outlines have been approved and two projects have been passed by Taipei Urban Planning Commission. The rest of cases are kept running by the help of project assistants. To those who has been concerning about efficiency on ordinary renewal projects. For the past two years commissioning passing rate has been rising whether it is project outline or project plan.
Regarding to the “old departments building renewal” project, in order to have the renewed community meet the standard of ecological environment, low-CO2, friendliness, and safety, a project has to go through a discussion between Taipei Urban Planning Commission, Urban Renewal and Dispute Commission, and Urban Design and Land Development Approval Commission. The entire process is rigorous and strict. Since January 3rd there have been 30 cases applied and Taipei City Government will continue to be active to assist.
Urban Redevelopment Office Taipei City states that in recent year, in order to help citizens with urban redevelopment application and raising commissioning quality, great amount of promotion handouts and pamphlets have been given out for citizens. 361 policy seminars have been held in 2011 to guide citizens to view urban redevelopment at a right angle, which raise the citizens’ awareness on their own rights. Project carriers will have to spend more time and effort on communicating with land owners during the entire process, for the sake of a smooth and successful redevelopment project. After a statistical analysis, the passing rate for both project outline and project plan have risen from 2010 to 2011. The outline passing rate has risen from 61.42% to 92.06% and the project plan passing rate has risen from 55.56% to 61.54%. Urban Redevelopment Office Taipei City will continue to work on urban redevelopment with great effort while protecting citizens’ rights and keep a great commissioning efficiency.
Looking into the future of 2012, Urban Redevelopment Office Taipei City has suggested to central government an administrative separation and given the appraiser entrustment decision right to the project carrier, land owner, and appraiser association. They hope to cut down commissioning time period for the sake of raising commissioning efficiency and protect land owners’ rights. The appraiser entrustment decision change hopes to resolve citizens’ former skepticism on the project carrier made all the appraiser entrustment in the past which created skepticism. As for local government’s commissioning, it was purposely shifted course to simplifying the related policy revision. With the help of central government’s collaboration on policy revision and city government’s promotion, it is hoped to achieve the three main goals of strong urban redevelopment laws and regulations, land owners’ rights protection, and risen commissioning efficiency.