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How to apply floor-area-ratio transfer in the Dadaocheng Historical District?

1. Requirements for transferring-out
(1). Parcels in the District where historical constructions locate,
(2). Parcels in the historical block of the District where non-historical constructions locate,
(3). Parcels have been legally approved by the Urban Design and Land-Use Development Committee of Taipei City.
2. Requirements for transferring-in
(1). in the designated areas
a. crossing different zoning areas to transfer floor-area-ratio is allowed, but the amount of transferring-in cannot exceed 40﹪of the total legally assigned floor-area-ratio.
b. the transferring-in areas are:
(a). all of the street blocks, except the historical block, in the District.
(b). the adjacent blocks along the MRT Dan-shuei line and Muzha line; and the transferring-in areas announced by the city government near the MRT stations.
(c).street blocks along Zhong-ching north road and Zheng-Der road in the Ta-tong District.
(d). the 4th’ 5th’and 6th consolidation areas in the city.
(e). lands along the Kee-long River.
(f). Nan-gang Business Park
(g). other transferring-in areas approved by the city government
(2). in the non-designated areas:
lands in the same categories of zoning areas, except the above transferring-in areas, are allowed to transfer into the amount of less than 30% of the total legally approved floor-area-ratio.
3. Process of transferring
Step 1: initiation of constructing, maintaining, or fixing moves in transferring-out sites.
Step 2:owners of lands and properties in transferring-out sites summit construction (maintenance)projects to the Urban Design Review Committee of Taipei City.
Step 3:waiting for legally approve.
Step 4:owners from both of transferring-out and –in sites negotiate for agreements upon the construction.
Step 5:owners from transferring-in sites summit application of floor-area-ratio transfer to the Urban Redevelopment Review Committee of Taipei City.