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What are the urban redevelopment policies and major work in Taipei City?

1. Renewal actions in the strategic areas
The team organized by staff of Urban Redevelopment Office has practically visited communities to help address many local renewal plans during the past years. There are two strategies taken by the team. One is to develop the key areas in order to stimulate the various living activities of the surrounding areas. The other one is to preserve the local culture and industries for local developments.
2. Renewal and reconstruction of old communities
By considering the domestic demands and adjusting the city functions, Taipei City Government draws up a comprehensive renewal plan which mainly targets in rebuilding, repairing and preserving the old communities in the city. In order to improve the quality of the residential functions of the old communities, the goals of the renewal plan are “renewing bad buildings, improving the living environment, and regenerating good quality of life”. Furthermore, a comprehensive implementation system is one particular sound part of the urban renewal plan. Except urging residences of the old communities to propose their own renewal projects, the city government also encourages the low-income communities to participate in old housing repair and reconstruction.
3. Reconstruction of the urban space and revitalization of commercial power in Taipei City
In order to create a better urban space and environment, the Urban Development Department of Taipei City Government has initiated the “Face off the City: the Colorful Makeup Movement” activity since 2000. The event gave awards and encouragement focusing on the cases of the repair and preservation of the outer environment, open space and historical buildings. Not only taking actions on the physical environment, but also series of activities, such as promotion of local products, are the major concerns for revitalizing the commercial power of the industries in the city.
4. Establishment of a well-structured urban redevelopment system in implementation
This work needs efforts on regulations and codes, a more simplified application review procedure, and a well-established maintenance and management system on constructions. On the other hand, to collect the exclusive fund is also an essential method for running the urban redevelopment mechanism.