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Dream Taipei, Exhibition and Press conference

After a month of accepting videos for the“Dream Taipei” function, all videos will be shown at the Taipei Hall of 2011 Design Expo Nanggang site on 22nd of Oct. On 25th of Oct at 11am, the press conference will promote and announce the success of the events. The invitation will go to every media, please join us for this wonderful experience.
The concept of the“Dream Taipei submission activity”is to collect the dream of citizens of Taipei, and every one is free to sketch out their city of dream. A month of accepting videos from 15th of September till 15th of October, there were more than 200 citizens who uploaded their clips, after the selection from 100 professional judges, the best clips will be shown in the 2011 Design Expo. This is not just the dream of citizen but the power that support Taipei in the competition of 2016 design city with energy to reshape Taipei into a creativity city.
Other than the opening ceremony of Taipei hall Design Expo on 22nd and the dream Taipei exhibition, the press conference on the morning of 25th will also invite all award winners to receive their awards and make their winning speech. In addition, the famous blog writer, WanWan, will share her experience in creative filming at the conference. Lastly, all the elementary children will have a chance to interact with the hi-tech media in the dream zone. The creativity seed will start to plant into the heart of the youth and further strive for a brighter future of Taipei.
Dream Taipei, the exhibition and press conference will be held at 11am on 10/25, at 4th floor, central section of Nanggang exhibition hall. Everyone is welcome to dream together.