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The Organization
■ Division of Comprehensive Planning
- Study & survey analysis of upper plans and the metropolitan environment
- Establishment & revision of comprehensive development planning
- Coordination pertaining to relevant planning development or construction matters
- Installation of planning information
- Drafting and amending relevant urban planning rules and regulations
■ Division of Urban Planning
- Preparation & revision of the Taipei Master Plan and the Detailed Plan
- Special district planning, zoning control, and administration
- Management of urban planning services
■ Division of Urban Design
- Establishment and control and relevant items for urban design
- Landscape plans and initials, and interview of development permits
- Draft and review of Urban Design Guidelines
■ Division of Urban Survey
- Surveying and maintenance pertaining to urban planning stakes and control points
- Certification regarding zoning of urban planning
- Surveying, revision, and supply of digital topographic maps
- Construction related to DTM (Digital Terrain Model), satellite, and aerial ortho-images
■ Division of Housing Planning
- Responsibilities of housing policy and strategic planning
- Proposing annual housing plans and short/mid/long term plans
- Collecting and reviewing information of housing market and living environment quality
- Management of housing information system
- Financial management of Housing Funds
- Management and utilization of (public) housing
- Dealing with property rights of department-owned land
- Supervision and management of loans to (public) housing
■ Division of Housing Engineering
- Reviewing and formulating planning standards and design guidelines related to public housing
- Planning and design of public housing
- In charge of bids requests, procurement, contract fulfillment management, construction management, supervising, inspecting, coordinating and engineering information management
■ Division of Housing Services
- Establishment of public rental housing system
- Management of public rental housing, rent collection and lawsuits
- Responsibilities for housing rentals, sales, re-sales, housing subsidies and relevant affairs
- Gradually authorizing private sector to manage the cleaning, safety and maintenance of public rental housing
- Management of housing services, counseling and relevant affairs
■ Division of Building Management
- Construction boundary indication or designation
- Consultations to issue certificates for TCG Public and Private- merged Land
- Construction pertaining to lane abolishment or changes
■ Systems Administration
■ Accounting Office
■ Administrative Services
■ Personnel Office
■ Government Ethics Office