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NTU Shaoxing S. St. Government-Led Urban Regeneration Project has announced for public exhibiting, launching the government-led urban regeneration prelude officially.

Since taking the office, Mayor Ko has proposed 2016 as the first year of urban regeneration, promoting flagship government-led urban regeneration projects. Of which, the “NTU Shaoxing S. St. Government-Led Urban Regeneration Project” is the first in Taiwanese history co-promoted by both local government and university, with the city government authorized “Taipei Urban Redevelopment Center” as executor. Today the project has entered the legal procedures for public exhibiting, officially launching the area’s urban regeneration which had been delaying for 10 years.
The Department of Urban Development states that the government-led urban regeneration site is located at Shaoxing S. St and Ren’ai Rd. Sec. 1, neighboring Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall and National Taiwan University Hospital. The current site is old and in need for regeneration. The City government is now initialing the long delayed procedure to promote the area’s regeneration through the government-led urban regeneration project.
92% of the site is owned by the National Taiwan University, thus the city government is co-promoting the project with National Taiwan University to improve the area’s environment. The MOU was signed on May 21th, 2015, and the Administrative Contract of government-led urban regeneration was signed on September 21th, 2015. The target is to combine the current medical resources, creating a medical research industry settlement of “clinical &medical education”, “health industry & service”, “bio-medical technology & innovation”.
The Department of Urban Development states this project follows a new development model. The Taipei Urban Redevelopment Center is appointed by the city government as executor, and the site will be developed by seeking investments for superficies. The investors will acquire the superficies by funding the constructions. The benefit of this cooperation is not only to create the top medical complex facilities, promote medical research, and industry development. The most important spirit is: The city government acquires public facility use lands to provide public housings through urban planning. Keeping the historical buildings and old trees in the area by the guidelines of urban design. Reserve open and park spaces to improve public benefits, reshape cityscape and urban functions. After completion It is estimated to provide 93 public households and 33058 sq. meters floor area for National Taiwan University’s medical research, creating more benefits from effective promotion of public land regeneration.
Other than creating the top medical complex facilities, promote medical research, and industry development, the most important benefit is the urban design project. The exhibition will be open for 30 days from March 8th, 2016, at Taipei City Hall and Zhongzheng District Administration Center. To help the citizens to understand more about the project, The Department of Urban Development will host a public seminar on 7pm, March 23th, 2016 at the International Conference Room on the 6th Floor of Taipei City Youth Development Office (6th Floor, No. 17, Sec. 1, Ren’ai Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City). Related government departments will also be joining the seminar to explain topics the citizens care.

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