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Old House New Look – come and experience the beauty of old house

Taipei Regeneration Office will be holding an exhibition called ‘’Old House New Look’’ at Spot Taipei Exhibition Center from 7th of February to 23rd of February 104. We’re going to talk about how old houses in Taipei regain its fascination and value. Welcome everyone joining this activity.
In order to promote the concept of protecting old houses and environment, Taipei City Urban Regeneration Office says, this project will be carrying out by a whole series of design proposal, hope to give the old apartments some new mechanisms and characteristics. During the exhibition, the attendants will get a free guiding brochure, strolling in the ally and feel the beauty of the buildings.

There will be a lecture holding at 2pm 8th of February. The professor from TKU and architect from Whole+ Architects and Planners will be operating in some related cases. Please do not miss this lecture.

The exhibition will not open from 18th of February to 20th of February due to the Chinese New Year, sorry for the inconvenience. For more information about the exhibition, please call Mr. Lee 2553-7688.

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