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Taipei City Government implementing private pedestrian area renovation, for 4 million maximum subsidy

In order to build a friendly and safety pedestrian environment, Taipei city becomes the first city in the country to announce the plan ‘’private pedestrian area renovation’’. The maximum subsidy is 4 million. The citizen can also apply for renovation-reconstruct by the government.

Director of Construction Management Office Mr. Huang says: The public pedestrian is maintained by Public Works Department; however, citizens couldn’t walk properly or sometimes even causes accident walking on the private pedestrian area. To build a better environment, we planned a 20 million budget, encouraging citizens to renovate, and the reconstruct subsidy is 3000 NTD per square meter. The maximum subsidy of the renovation is 4 million. All citizens are welcome to apply.

Next, consider funding shortage to some old neighborhood, if we can get the consensus of all the land owners, we will set an evaluating group to review every case. The order of the case depends on the improving benefit.
Mrs. Kao pointed out that this trial program will be started in January of 2014.

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  • Source: Department of Urban Development Taipei City Government
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