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"Raise keys of the dream to open the living Taipei." The film of dream raising activities officially opened on September 15th, everyone is welcome to submit your dream film!

Department of Urban Development, Taipei City Government is hosting the “map out the future of Taipei, build the dream in Taipei” dream film raising activities. The activities is officially started on September 15th , all Taipei city residents are invited to pick up your camera and begin to film your vision and hope for the future of Taipei. There is a chance to win an iPhone4, iPad2 and other prizes.

With the meaningful 100th anniversary of Taiwan, department of Urban development is organizing the “Century Tour Series – Paint the Future of Taipei – urban landscape development event.” Residents are encouraged to come together and sketch the future appearance of Taipei city.

The dreams of citizens are the keys to the future living Taipei, so the department is holding this "Raise the dream to open the living Taipei" event. As long as you film 60 seconds of future dream Taipei, upload it to Youtube and fill out the application online, you will have a chance to win an iPhone4 or iPad2, or many other prizes. Lastly, your film might also have a chance to be display interactively during the October 22nd – 30th. Dream Hard Taipei!

Through the participation of the city resident, “Map the Future of Taipei, Build the Dream in Taipei” is hoping to sketch a vision of Taipei’s future and to bring the foreseeing elements of hope and dream into the city in order to build a beautiful Taipei.

For more information please see the following websites and contact:
Ms. Luo: 0922908821

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