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What qualification do the applicants need for applying housing application waiting list for renting public house?

1. The applicant’s age has to over twenty years old. . The household is registered in Taipei over six months.
2. The unmarried persons should have registered in the same domicile with their lineal ascendant and descendant or the applicant is married; the single person is not accepted unless his/her age is over forty; if the applicant without parents has to take care of his/her brothers and sisters who are students under twenty years old and can’t afford their lives by themselves.
3. The applicant and his/her spouse or co-living relatives should not have any houses while applying.
4. The monthly income of the low-income family meet the standard set up by the Central government. (The family income is less than NT$860,000 for one year in 2005.)
5. The applicant and his/her spouse or co-living relatives never accept the other governmental subsidy.

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  • Source: Department of Urban Development Taipei City Government
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