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The drawing of the Xinglong public rental housing district 1 will be held publically on 11/27

The district 1 of the Xinglong public rental house by Taipei City Government has received immense response from the civics. With around 3,000 applications in just two weeks, the drawing odds have hit a new low.
The Department of Urban Development stated that before the official application, district 1 of the Xinglong public rental house has opened for public viewing, and has attracted more than 5,000 visitors in just 7 days. The application started on November 5th and by the deadline, November 18th, more than 3,000 applications were received. All the applications filed before November 18th will be received shortly with the total amount estimated to be over 3,100.
According to the Department of Urban Development, the drawing will be held in the afternoon on 11/27/2015 and will be done by computers. Notaries such as Lawyers, Institute for Information Industry, Tsuei Ma Ma and other public housing communities are invited to watch over the process. Public rental house residents are also welcome to join. For people who can’t attend, a live streaming of the drawing will be posted on the Department of Urban Development’s website. ( Applicants can also look up the result on the website after 8pm of the drawing day with their ID number.
The Department of Urban Development again stated that, the drawing will be followed by verification procedures. Please be aware that Applicants who are notified for additional documents have to bring or mail the documents to the department’s Southgate office before the stated deadline. If not, the application will be disqualified and the applicant will be removed from the rental list. For more information please contact the Division of Housing Service at the Department of Urban Development. (Phone: 2321-2186 ext. 2750 or 2745~2754)

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  • Source: Department of Urban Development Taipei City Government
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