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The Taipei city government is still eagerly striving for public housing as athlete village of the 2017 Taipei Summer Universiade, which will also benefit the citizens.

In response to the councilman’s addressing that the central government rejects Taipei city to lease and host the district A and B (approx. 1636 units) of the Summer Universiade athlete villages, Taipei mayor Ko Wen-Je and New Taipei City mayor Eric Chu has come to an agreement in a conference on March 5th 2015. Due to Taipei’s limited land space and the living needs of the young people and vulnerable groups, Taipei and New Taipei City will together manage the community and public housing by districts as athlete villages of the Summer Universiade, which will help ease the living issue in the great Taipei area.
After agreeing with New Taipei City, Taipei City Government has been cooperating with the Ministry of the Interior (MOI). To use the land in Linko anticipated for the athlete villages, a compensation for MOI is required by law because it is the property of the MOI’s housing fund. The total compensation and construction cost is estimated $12 billion NTD, consisting $6.359 billion NTD on construction, $4.875 billion NTD on land, and $0.77 billion NTD on design adjustments. Based on the financial consideration, Taipei City Government has come up 3 proposals for MOI. MOI states it will host a meeting discussing the decision in the near future.

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