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The Construction of Taipei’s Wanhua District youngster’s public rental housing is now open for bidding.

Taipei City Government’s Department of Urban Development has announced the open bidding on the construction of Taipei’s Wanhua District youngster’s public rental housing online. The bidding deadline is at 5pm, October 22th, 2015. The Taipei City Government has been eagerly pushing the policies for the public rental housing. It has launched in several locations for the tenants’ conveniences, including Dalongdong, DunHuang, MRT Hsing Tian temple station, MRT Wanlong station, Jinwen, and YungPing. The Xinglong public rental housing in Wenshan District and the JianKang public rental housing in Songshan District is now currently under construction.
This new construction will be located at the intersection of Qingnian Rd and Shuiyuan Rd, taking area about 4075 square meters. Following the policy by the central government, there will be total of 273 units in 2 buildings with 14 and 18 stories above the ground and 2 stories below. It is expected to provide comfortable living environment and express public rental housing’s new impression for the living needs of Taipei’s citizens. The Taipei City Government welcomes bidding from all qualified firms. Information and details can be found on Executive Yuan’s Public Construction Commission website @

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  • Source: Department of Urban Development Taipei City Government
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