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Taipei City Government is starting 43 billion procurement of major public works program

Taipei City Government is holding a public works procurement seminar on July 17th 2015 at Regent Taipei, the total amount of the procurement will be 43 billion. Related representatives were invited to participate in this seminar.
The Taipei City Government announced that the procurement will be conducted by Department of Urban Development, Public Works Department, Taipei City Market Administration Office and Taipei City Parking Management and Development Office, implementing 23 emphasis places such as public housing, market place reconstruct, parking lot reconstructs, and bridge demolition. The future purchases will uphold the principles of the city with open and transparent procurement information, and we welcome suggestions on relevant industry-leading content, in order to facilitate the smooth implementation of the follow-up.
To implement the living justice, widespread construction goal of public housing, the present stage of public housing tender is expected to handle the Xinyi District Liuzhangli camp AB street blocks, Nangang District, Neihu market base, Nangang District Dongming public housing, Datong District small base, Zhongzheng District, Wenshan District, Beitou District rocks new community base, Xinyi District Kuangtse parks and Datong District and the public housing reconstruction project is expected to supply 6700 family public housing, where six public housing will construct an exemplary intelligence community, combined with Taiwan's ICT-related energy industries, create a new model of public housing.
To create a better environment of the parking space in Taipei City area, Taipei City Parking Management and Development Office is implementing "Bade parking lots construction," build with steel and concrete of an underground building with 10 floors It is expected to provide 311 car parks, 382 seats and the locomotive Sites of the citizens activity center for local use.
The old food and vegetable market is also very old, and it needs to be reconstructed. The new fish and food market will improve the neighborhood’s facilities, enhance the daily wholesale trading capacity to meet rapid wholesale distribution, fair trade demand, in response to people's needs in the greater Taipei area. In addition, the wholesale market will spur the old community, fasten them to be reconstructed.
The Public Works Department is undergoing 5 main contractions, the Pop Music Center is among the most important one.
The open tender will allow for face to face communication, and we will collect ideas from different fields. We hope that everyone can actively participate in this bid.

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  • Source: Department of Urban Development Taipei City Government
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