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2016 INTA Roundtable in Taipei

One of the INTA initiatives for UN habitat will be held in Taipei and Taipei City will cooperate with INTA (International Urban Development Association), holding a two-day roundtable meetings. The meeting discusses the topic of applying smart technology into urban developmentand by meeting with the international experts and scholars, to enhance the collaboration between the government and the international organizations, hoping to expand the visibility.

The UN Habitat is established by UNESCO, a vicennial meetings (1976, 1996,2016), and it will be held in Ecuador on October 2016. The sustainable urban development will be the theme of this meeting. INTA will choose a city from each continent (Asia, Europe, South America, North America and Africa) and hold a roundtable meeting, the first one will be held at Ecuador on September 2015.
The Deputy Mayor invited the Secretary-General of INTA Michel Sudarskis to Taipei and meet the Mayor of Taipei, talking about the related issues between both sides, they notonly announced the host city (in Asia), but INTA also said that they will help Taipei City for the Overseas Training on schedule arranging and advices. Moreover, INTA will exchange and cooperate with Taipei City to carry out some important projects in the next two years such as SheZi development, East and West gateway plan.

The cooperation between INTA and Taipei City is not only a systematic cooperation, meanwhile, it’s an excellent example to show the importance of cooperating with European organizations.

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