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Public housing - releasing plan edition 1

In order to assist the house rental citizens in Taipei Metropolitan area, Taipei City Government will be accepting totaling 570 public housing lease application at Longshan Temple MRT Station, Gangqian Station, Taipei Bridge Station and Xindian Depot from April 7, the application period expiring on April 21. Ko Wen-Je, the mayor of Taipei City Government will announce this policy on 3/6 at MRT Longshan Temple Station public housing base.

Taipei government said that this MRT station development contains a total of 1022 premises, were originally planned for public housing, but the Xindian Depot MRT Station has a general 406 firms involved in the changed to residential, additional lighting and accessibility issues, it will maintain general office use; in addition there are 46 larger house with a higher rental price (rent more than 30,000 NTD) is not suitable when public housing is not included in the rent. As for the two subsequent sale or rental of mining Transit Authority will re-evaluate.

According to the Housing Act, the 10 % of the housing should be reserve for (Low-income households; physical and mental disabilities, residents older than 65 years old). The rest will leased to citizens between 20 to 45 years old.
For more information or any questions please call 1999.

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  • Source: Department of Urban Development Taipei City Government
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