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Application for Free Property Examination in Taipei City Are Now Available

Taipei City Government has planned 2014 Taipei City Apartment Building Property Examination Project. The project consists of both self-examination and professional examination. For self-examination, interested apartment building management group may download the evaluation form provided by Taipei City Construction Management Office to conduct self-check, determining whether or not they work like to apply for professional examination via this project. . Professional examination is a platform for architects, mechanical engineers and electrical professionals to evaluate the property. Department of Urban Development states that professional evaluation is utilized in order to establish a fair and objective mechanism that meets safety standard for apartment building. The evaluation reports will be available to the applicants only, and will not be published publically. The application period of professional examination is from October 15th to December 31st, 2014, and the number of the applications is estimated to be around 100 (including 60 from self-managing communities and 40 from the communities managing by property management company).
Free professional examination will be available from October 15th to December 31th, 2014, 100 applications in total.
There are three main categories of professional examination, First: management of organization operation, including various types of meeting, regulations of apartment and financial management. Second: facility maintenance, including public area and apartment building. Last, community development such as community activities and development plans.