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Create a smart Taipei City with the combination of ICT industry

Taipei City Government held in 104 years March 18 seminar for Information and Communication Technology (Information and Communication Technology, ICT) industry representatives to discuss the meeting, chaired by Deputy Mayor Charles Lin.
Due to global challenges of climate change and energy depletion and other environmental issues, we need to launch the new smart policy, sustainable development and environmental protection technology and other related industries, to help build a better and environmentally friendly smart public housing. Given Taiwan's ICT industry occupies a place in the international community, we must combine ICT industry and public housing, and therefore related to the Taipei City Government has invited representatives of the ICT industry to exchange views and technological intelligence for public housing applications, we look forward to creating high-quality public housing residential communities to cope with environmental issues and to provide the public with quality living space. After assessing the energy efficiency of 50,000 public housing, the estimated saving 120 million yuan / year, water-saving 48 million yuan / year (cumulative provincial water equivalent of 20 years and a half seat Shimen Reservoir); reduce carbon emissions 20,000 tons / years (cumulative 20 years up to 40 million tons), will reduce the burden on households and reduce environmental impact.
Taipei currently under construction, such Wenshan, Xinglong, Songshan healthy public housing and other buildings are required to obtain green mark, which will combine architectural aesthetics in architecture planning, public art, green architecture, universal design accessible, as well as the smart technology; in terms of maintenance and management, the introduction of intellectual property management of community safety and life management services. Future all new public housing, green building must obtain green building mark, through the application of the science and technology, so that the residents in the safety, health and comfort and convenience, etc. can receive more timely and comprehensive care, and improve the efficiency of life. Also in terms of property management services in the community, will be imported cloud management wisdom to provide reliable, timely and stable of services.
Thanks for this forum to take part in Taiwan ICT industry related Responding on behalf of the Taipei City Government is actively promoting the city's commitment to smart city, have put forward suggestions and expressing willingness to cooperate, Taipei Deputy Mayor Lin said that the future construction of public housing would be wise community, and the science and technology for practical field application; the future will promote co-operation with the Central Government and industry, another notice in the month before the relevant industry representatives invited discussion on the New Taipei City public housing case and wisdom of technology applications practice, further the discussion.