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Restart of the 30 years development review by Urban Design and Land Use Development Commission

The Deputy Mayor, Lin Chin Rong, leads Department of Urban Development, Construction Management Office, Urban Regeneration Office and related government officials visited The Real Estate Development Association of Taipei. Discuss about the consideration of the relevant procedures and requirements. Emphasizing the city's determination to reform the system the team, the future will be placed in public areas, control the quality of public assets.
The Deputy Mayor said the city of Taipei to consider the system has been operated for 30 years, but currently deliberation process in the industry perception is still too long. As Taipei is the founder of the trial system, the city government after the team returned to Taipei, then change it immediately to reform plan.
The Real Estate Development Association of Taipei and other attended government officials all agreed with the direction of reform proposed by the city government team and look forward to such a system can successfully push. The last meeting had made three conclusions.
First, the reform will be carried out in stages; the comments made by the Association were very important and valuable. We hope that in the future, the Association can work efficiently with the governments. Second, the government will put effort on the new system, there may be errors, but by doing some improvements, we believe that we will save more administrative resources. Last, the governments not only communicate with the citizens. Communication with professional associations is also very important. During this way, our future projects can work more efficiently.
In order to successfully promote the new program, the government have had held many meeting with related departments and had reached a preliminary agreement. The government should set a platform for the citizens, in order to strengthen review capabilities but rather than for the development of excessive intervention in private construction. In the future, the development projects of general civil cases and cases of public sector will be reviewed and approved at different levels, in order to shorten the administrative review process.
Furthermore, the City Commission's functions should focus on the public sector, public housing, BOT case, MRT public housing as the main priority areas, rather than for excessive intervention of private construction and architectural design of the development
The committee report should all be submitted online, and the information and procedures should be fully open Internet access. So that the new policy ‘’Taipei Open Data, Open Government’’ can be putting into practice.